Whether you have an Autoimmune Condition or any Invisible Chronic Condition, they bring with them a chronic change in lifestyle often characterised by an array of invisible symptoms that can be incredibly debilitating. 

By taking part in this short survey (which should take you less than 30 seconds, we timed it) you can help us recognise and validate how critical these everyday symptoms are in the overall quality of life of someone living with an incurable Invisible/Autoimmune diagnosis.
The questionnaire is designed in such a way so as to NOT store any of your personal information. Your responses will help build a deeper understanding of the everyday, chronic symptoms that an Invisible/Autoimmune diagnosis brings with it.

The collected data will be used in helping spread awareness about invisible diseases alongside facilitate better research in understanding Invisible/Autoimmune Conditions in it's entirety.

Which Invisible/Autoimmune Condition have you been diagnosed with? *

You may also choose to share any other diagnosis you have received
Are you currently working? *

How well controlled is your condition right now? *

Are you currently flaring/in remission or taking one day at a time
What are some of the chronic symptoms you experience which stand in the way of everyday living? *

Example; chronic pain, fatigue, nausea....
How long have you had this diagnosis? *

Thanks so much for taking the time to make invisible diseases more visible. If you're happy with your responses please continue to submit your answers.

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